Dexcom Tradeshow Campaign

About This Project


As people with diabetes continued to adopt continuous glucose monitoring into their daily management, Dexcom wanted to make sure their consumers knew that smart, innovative, comprehensive technology didn’t have to be difficult to use and understand. But first, they had to make sure diabetes care professionals were on board. For their two biggest tradeshows of the year, Dexcom turned to Parero to get that message across.


Parero developed and executed Dexcom’s tradeshow campaign to let the audience know that Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitor is “Tough on diabetes. Easy on you.” – the “you” being both the diabetes care professional as well as the consumer. The campaign included a challenge for the diabetes community to challenge current standards and redefine what it really means to be in control of diabetes. Feedback from a diabetes community thought leader after reviewing the campaign messaging stated that Dexcom “clearly knows and understands patients well.”

Diabetes, Sensor Technology, Wearables